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Mission Statement:
The purpose of our clan, first and foremost is to have fun. The main focus of our guild is competitive Player vs. Player / Guild vs. Guild (PvP / GvG) gaming. If the conduct that is expected of you as a member of House of Sagacious prevents you from having fun, or you do not enjoy the harsh PvP gaming environment, then please look elsewhere for a clan to join - HoS is not for you. We are gamers who enjoy each others fellowship, and respect each others contributions to furthering our gaming experience as a whole. We help each other in all aspects of game play; we play with maturity and with courtesy towards our clan mates and others.

Code of Conduct:
"We take care of our own" - This means we support our guild mates and any in game allies in all ways possible. We do not back down from a fight with any guild, for any reason. Any guilds not officially allied with us in game, or formally requesting (and being granted) friendly status with us, will be considered wary or targets, until proven otherwise. Anyone that interferes with HoS members in any way or in any areas that we claim can and will be considered targets.

Integrity - Abusing game mechanics to avoid a fight and/or death is never acceptable for a member of HoS. Because the use of macros can be beneficial and acceptable in many cases, the determination regarding macroing is left to the leaders of each game chapter to decide. We do not knowingly use deliberate cheats or exploits (duping, account/client hacking, etc.) in order to benefit or gain an advantage. If an HoS member is suspected of cheating or exploiting, please contact HoS game or guild leadership to report them. Providing a screenshot (if possible) of the member in question will result in leadership investigating that member, and all decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Family - Being part of HoS is like being part of a family. Never leave a clan mate to die alone, never try to scam a clan mate, and never, ever deliberately attack a clan mate for any reason. Deliberately attacking and killing a clan mate (except in instances of agreed practices or dueling) is grounds for removal from HoS, and chances are, you will be added to any KoS lists we maintain. If you have a problem with another member, then take it up with leadership.

Communication - One of our greatest strengths is communication, in and out of game. Members are expected to check the boards regularly to keep up on news and issues. Any external & public message board activity, is strongly frowned upon for HoS members other than Guild Leaders and Game Leader(s) specific to that Game. Unless sanctioned by a Guild Leader or Game Leader(i.e. requested to explain actions that had transpired) , do not fight the enemy with text or your tongues, fight with your characters. Show respect for those you are communicating with in text. In the guild, we also emphasize and strongly suggest the use of voice communications (specifically Teamspeak) in game and the use of message boards out of game. The better you get to know your guild mates, the more you will feel a part of our family.

Maturity and Respect - Constant swearing in any game environment is immature. Keep the "l33t d3wd" speak and swearing to a minimum. HoS thrives in player-vs-player (PvP) environments, which means that you can and will die to other players. Get used to it. If someone kills your character, don't spam, beg, trash-talk or insult them. If you think your actions may reflect poorly on the clan, use a little common sense and DON'T do it. Constant and excessive trash talk after being warned to stop can result in removal from the clan.

Honesty - We have a reputation that we have built over the past as one of the more trusted online guilds out there. If you offer something for trade or in payment of an item, do not renege or scam the other person. If it is discovered that any member has been doing this, they will be removed from the clan. Trust is a hard thing to earn, don't ruin it for everyone in the clan by being a scammer.

Allies - HoS takes alliances very seriously. A member of an allied clan is to be treated just as you would a clan mate. You will support them, die beside them if need be, and always, treat them (and everyone) with respect, and they should offer the same support and respect in return.

Basic Rules for Members:

  1. FIGHT the enemy! Show no quarter. Fight to win.
  2. If you can't win alone call in help. We will win.
  3. Respect your guild mates - treat them how you would wish to be treated.
  4. Never leave one of our own to fight/die alone.
  5. Back your clan 100% in game and in public forums.
  6. Back your allies 100% in game and in public forums.
  7. Use of Teamspeak is highly encouraged for anyone that can use it.
  8. Game Members wishing to move to a new game with the guild must request access to that game's private forums review the CoC again and be approved by a current leader of the new game.
  9. Things that will get you booted from the guild :
    • excessive trash talk in public settings (boards, and ingame)
    • Confirmed reports of hacking, duping, or abuse of poorly designed game mechanics (such as Portal/Air logging in AC1)
    • Logging to avoid PvP, or avoiding PvP for personal gain while the guild needs you.
    • Betraying private confidential information of the guild.
    • Peacing enemies when you should be fighting them.
    • Failure to uphold HoS's CoC.
    • Misuse of clan resources for personal gain.
    • Deliberately killing a guild member.
    • Regular failure to back up guildmates or allies is grounds for removal from the guild.
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